Publishing Technology

Brand visualisation and animation.

Publishing Technology were looking to refresh their brand image. The existing brand was a couple of years old and needed to change to stay fresh. We took a bit of time to understand the company and developed this 3D product / brand visualisation, representing the transition from paper to digital.


  • Brand visualisation
  • Concept art
  • 3D modelling
  • Animation
  • Brand


Our creative concepts led us to this solution to represent the future of Publishing Technology, moving away from print and into digital. The image represents the transition and natural evolution as well as the freedom to move forward away from paper.
We created in 3D the bird as if it had been produced from a sketch and paper cut outs. The fine detail of the pencil lines and folds of paper added to the beautiful series of renders used across all the marketing platforms.
Brand concept and creative meets technical precision to execute these stunning images and animation.


First came the concept, then the sketches, then the 3D. The model was created and developed to incorporate both the brand design and the creative concept together.


Website, animation, print, presentation, exhibition

"When we first approached the team at Intemarketing Agency, we were looking to refresh our brand image. Our business had relaunched with a new brand just a couple of years earlier and, over the months, we had grown quite attached to our current brand image at that time but knew that it needed to change in order to stay fresh. From first receiving our brief, Stuart and the team were immediately excited about the project and were fully engaged with the process from the get-go. They took time to understood our business and our brand and quickly came up with a fantastic new idea that we could connect with to use to take our brand vision to the next level. With a strong creative vision and a seemingly infinite amount of modelling and 3D skills and expertise, the team at Intermarketing brought to life what we now know and love as our paper fold hummingbird. "

− Emily Taylor Gregory

"Since its initial unveiling just over a year ago, we have had countless comments and compliments from colleagues, business partners, prospects and staff about how great our paper fold hummingbird is, and we’re now very excited about developing it further with the team going forward! Stuart and the team are an absolute pleasure to work with throughout. I really cannot recommend them highly enough. "

− Emily Taylor Gregory