Photorealistic representation, technical explaination

3D product visualisation

Whether you have an existing product or a prototype in CAD format, we can perfectly visualise it to photo realistic accuracy. What’s more, as well as beautifully crafted CGI that looks visually stunning, we can demonstrate how your product works in a clear and concise animation or marketing video.

Whether its airflow patterns or the inside of a human body, our product visualisation enables us to show something that film just cannot achieve. An x-ray animation of the inside mechanism of a working door, water particles passing through a fan, whatever the technology of your product we can show it off to its fullest potential.

Prototype visualisation

To save costly manufacturing and creation of a real life prototype, let us perfectly visualise it from sketches and schematics.
We can animate any working parts for technical demonstrations or studio light the CGI to create beautiful artistic renders for marketing purposes.

Products in situ

Are you a sofa designer, manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners or high street sportswear? Whatever your product we can render it in situ using a combination of our product visualisation and architectural CGI.

Place your sofa in 10 different room sets. Visualise your prototype vacuum product design cleaning a modern kitchen floor. Anything is possible.

Animated product demonstration

Some products just can’t be filmed properly in action.
Animated product demonstration enables us to explain the workings of a specialist product in full detail, with a combination of technical accuracy and creative brilliance.


Need to show off some advanced engineering or explain why your product is the best in the market?
Whether it’s an advanced locking system for the home, or safety devices for ATM machines, we can create a technical explanation animation which demonstrates just enough to prove the claim, without giving away any secrets.
The script, animation and presentation can be tailored to any requirement and as always, the CGI we create to demo your technical abilities will be of the highest quality.

Design concepts

So you have a product that comes in an array of colour combinations, or can have any image or texture printed onto it? Maybe its furniture, clothing or jewellery…
Do you want to target a brand with your product but manufacturing the prototype will be extremely costly? Because of the way 3D works, once a product has been modelled and lit to a photorealistic standard, we can apply any pattern or texture and render the final image.
Need a different texture? No problem we just change the texture and re-render. Infinite possibilities at your fingertips.


Is your product or brand represented by a character? Would you like to see it created in CGI for print renders or animated for a TV commercial? Our organic modelling enables us to create any 3D character. We then rig it and animate it. We can create a full CGI environment for it to live in, or comp it into film footage if you prefer?