Drone (flying camera)

Creative and technical BNUC-s trained pilots

Drone filming & photography

It’s a camera that can fly… very high! Recording in full 4K and with precision accuracy, our drone filming and photography allows us to take footage that a few years ago would require Hollywood equipment to achieve.

Drone Licence

It’s true that anyone can buy a flying camera and claim to do drone filming and photography, but using it professionally is a different matter. Our specialist operators are BNUC-S™ trained and hold a UAS licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, allowing commercial use of a small, unmanned aircraft for photography and film.


Drone and CGI

Using our specialist Drone footage and 3D skillset we can composite any 3D object into film footage. Whether it is architectural or product based 3D, we can add it to the scene to show exactly how it will look in situ.

Marketing videos

Our drone filming and photography adds that extra impact when producing property marketing videos. For both residential and commercial properties the drone allows stunning and practical footage to clearly show scale, environment and layout.

Aerial photography

Using the drone, our trained pilots can capture stunning aerial photography up to the maximum height for low flying aircraft, regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority.