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Making it happen

Everything you see in our CGI is digitally created using advanced 3D modelling. The software enables us to create any shape – organic, architectural or mechanical, so it can be viewed and rendered from any angle. Imagine a potter making a bowl. It’s the same, only using polygons and without the mess.
Our advanced rendering software allows us to accurately create any lighting scenario you need. Daytime, night time, romantic and relaxed, brightly lit studio environment? Whatever ambiance you want, we can achieve it to photo realistic perfection.
Every object in every scene needs its own material and texture. The advanced texturing software enables us to perfectly re-create any texture to a totally photo realistic finish. From human skin to glass, wood and metal. The way it interacts with the lights in the scene, the touch texture and feel of the material, all need to be refined and tweaked for the perfect CGI render.
Poor texturing and lighting can make the most detailed of models look totally unrealistic. We pride ourselves on the treatment of our materials, texturing and photorealistic lighting.